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Welcome to Sketch!

Hello and thank you for visiting Sketch Art Studio!  I’m Andrea and, together with my amazing team, I run this creative space.


The idea for Sketch came about as I was searching for art classes for my own children. I wanted classes that would grow with them and consistently provide quality art instruction and exposure to different art techniques.  


I looked for a joyful and inspiring space that my kids would love to visit, but I needed one that was conveniently located and worked with their crazy schedules.  Years later, with these goals in mind plus lots of research and the best kind of work, Sketch Art Studio was born.

Andrea Accardi, Founder



Sketch Art Studio is a creative space that provides quality art instruction and innovative classes for children and adults alike.  Whether you pop in for a studio class or stay for a series Sketch will inspire you to dream, play & create. 



Lara Skadsen

Lara is a loving mother, wife and talented artist. She is a highly qualified art instructor with a degree in art education from San Diego State. Lara has practiced and taught art in 10+ countries around the world such as South Africa, China and Guatemala! Lara taught for 20+ years with International IB World Schools. She specializes in a variety of techniques that she has learned while traveling; one of her favorites being silk art. Lara works with people of all ages, from toddlers to adults.

Erin Regit

Erin was born and raised in New York City before attending the University of Delaware to study Early Childhood Education.Her passion for education and art has her working with children for 15+ years, including teaching for almost a decade Manhattan and working in China and Puerto Rico! Erin’s approach to children's art follows a process oriented in philosophy, allowing the children to benefit from drawing, painting, and other artistic methodologies. She is passionate about helping in the creative process with children at Sketch. Erin loves creating art with her daughter, welcoming all the artsy mess!

Fe Luttrel.jpeg

Fé Luttrel

Fé is married and has two amazing kids. She worked in the Education field for 10+ years after graduating from Tulane University with a double major in Fine Arts and Mass Communication. She really doesn't have a preference on style of art. She enjoys everything. Out of all the mediums she does use- she truly enjoys printmaking with ink and mixing it with watercolors. Her favorite museum is The Louvre in Paris, France. She says the collection of masterpieces is unparalleled to any other. One could spend days in there and still not be able to see everything. A fun fact about Fe is that she loves drawing circus scenes but, really dislikes clowns. Fé loves Art and truly believe it’s the universal language we can all communicate with.


Melissa Lima

Melissa is an artist and visual instructor who works predominantly with oil paint and loves drawing. She enjoys exploring color theory and movement throughout the composition. Melissa was born in Tampa. She takes influences from spirituality, applying it to surreal environments; most known for the repeated pattern of organism type elements in her paintings. Currently, Melissa is passionate about her role as a High School visual arts instructor and facilitating young artist in discovering their artistic style and voice.


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